A Tour…

We are excited to share our new project, Walking Enchantment, and invite you to join us on a journey into a blend of photography and poetry capturing the vast landscapes of New Mexico in a uniquely integrative way.

You can now donate any amount to support this project’s completion so that we can help share our proceeds with the top nominated charities our supporters name.

Donate any amount now through our fundraising page at
Walking Enchantment for Charity on Crowdrise.com

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Learn about the Walking Enchantment project

Meet the artists of Walking Enchantment

Name your favorite charity to receive a portion of the Walking Enchantment Project proceeds

Art, Artists, Collaboration, Collaborative Art, Integrative medium, Land of Enchantment, Micropoetry, New Mexico, PhotoArt, Photographer, Photography, Poet, Poetry, Walking Enchantment, Kathleen Messmer Photography, Carey Rose O’Connell Poetry(Captured during our first trip for the Walking Enchantment project
White Sands, New Mexico 2014)

…Words and images capture different essences of a place and communicate differently to viewers and readers.

Image courtesy of Kathleen Messmer Photography © 2014
Poetry courtesy of Carey Rose O’Connell © 2014

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